Friday, May 29, 2009

Architects Stop Traffic in Madrid

On Friday, May 29, a demonstration by a few hundred architects and architecture students stopped traffic in central Madrid when they protested outside the offices of Spain's Ministry of Education on the Calle de Alcala, in the center of the city. Of course, this made any kind of vehicular travel impossible, but I didn't mind the inconvenience so much since it was in the cause of architecture.

I haven't found any information on Associated Press -- my Spanish is pretty terrible, so I need an English-language report -- but it seems as though the Education Minister is devaluing their degree. They seem to be demanding a professional organization of some kind.

At the bottom of this banner it says "Crisis + Devaluation of the Profession = Unemployment!!" (referring to the global economic crisis, of course):

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure, but I will update this post when I get more information. In the meantime, good luck to all those Spanish architects!

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