Monday, March 3, 2008


Welcome to the Itinerant Professor blog, premiering March 3, 2008. The itinerant professor is me, Elizabeth Hornbeck, because I teach in so many departments and colleges here at the University of Missouri that it's a little hard to find hooks for all those hats. My intention for this blog is to post an eclectic range of information, opinions, photos, etc. -- I guess that's what most blogs do, isn't it? Well, I'm entirely new to this sort of thing so please bear with me.

Currently I teach in the Department of Art History and Archaeology (in the College of Arts and Sciences), the Department of Architectural Studies (in the College of Human Environmental Sciences), the Film Studies Program, and the Honors College.

I live in Columbia, Missouri, with my husband and our son.


Eli's Grammy said...

Thank you for reviewing these movies, most I've never heard of. Or, is it 'most of which I've never heard.'? Don't want to make a grammar mistake in such a high class blog.

I have added you to my 'favorites.'

From, Eli's Grammy

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth,
Very cool. I am definitely going to work my way humbly through your fav films list, because I've not seen any of them except singin' in the rain which is one of my all time faves too...

read that purse lip square job blog and DIDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD! but did like the photos of snow! keep it up. You're definitely going on my 'favourites"
love Amy